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"Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our people, and for the cities of our God: and let the LORD do that which is good in His sight" (I Chronicles 19:13).

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Prayer Targets to Shut Down Abortion Mills, and for the Abolition of Abortion

Nearly all Christians know that we should be praying about the onslaught upon the preborn in our midst.  

However, I find that many are at a loss of specific things for which to pray.  So here are some definite targets of prayer concerning child sacrifice. I hope it is edifying to some, in hitting the mark of intercession with our God about the violence against the fatherless.
BELIEVERS: O Lord of the Harvest, I pray that You would awaken Your people.  That we as churches would be convicted to go to this field, to labor for life and souls at the gates of death.  That the sidewalks would never be empty when babies are being sacrificed; but on the contrary, that Bible believing Christians would line the sidewalks and be such a shining presence for the testimony of Christ that the mills will not be able to withstand the truth,

and may THAT be why the abortion mills close down, and abortion abolished

PARENTS: O Father, I pray for parents to whom You have granted conception, who are considering or planning to have their offspring murdered.  Turn their hearts away from their own selfishness and toward their children!  Cause them to value their babies, and protect them from this horrific onslaught!  Work in their consciences, reproving them of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment!  May fathers and mothers valiantly welcome and defend the children given to them by God, and may business therefore at Planned Parenthood and other mills grind to a halt,

and may THAT be why the abortion mills close down, and abortion abolished.

WORKERS: O Lord of all, I pray for those who work at the mill, that they would have no rest and no peace in their jobs.  Lord, open their eyes, and break the hardness of their hearts!  May they humble themselves, repent and trust in Christ, and find healing in Christ!  

May they forsake the foolish and live.  Lord, lead them to jobs that do not involve the shedding of innocent blood!  May the nurses, the receptionists, the IT support—everyone—from the administration to the janitors, run from this business,

and may THAT be why the abortion mills will close down, and abortion abolished.

ABORTIONISTS: O Giver of Life, I cry unto you for those physicians who have left true medicine to engage in the violent onslaught of defenseless children in the womb.  I pray for those "healers" who have turned the Hippocratic oath into the "Hypocritic" oath.  Lord, they condemn the innocent blood and contemn You.  There is no fear of God before their eyes.  Let not man prevail against You!  Convict them.  Show them how abominable the shedding of innocent blood is to You.  Pierce their calloused souls with Your word!  Teach them to fear the Lord!  Cause them to heed the Gospel!  May they turn from their pride to bow the knee to Christ openly and without reserve.  Then, saved and forgiven, cause them to stand against abortion themselves, and cry for its abolition!  If they will not, take them away, so that they cannot continue this atrocity.  May those who slaughter children repent or be removed, so that no doctor will take money to murder babies,

and may THAT be why the abortion mills close down, and abortion abolished.

COMMUNITY: O Righteous Judge, awaken particular regions across the nation, and especially the citizens of cities that have murder mills!  May their eyes be opened to the wickedness done in their midst, and may open eyes weep in remorse and repentance.  Expose the abominable practices of these; show their depravity, their unethical doings, their greed and cruelty. 

Confound their crafty conspiracies, and show them to be hateful.  May it become evident and loathsome to the community, the businesses surrounding them, companies who service them, the media, city officials, and even their own client base.  May the horror of what abortion is so take hold upon citizens, that they cannot remain silent and unmoved.  Cause the people of towns that contain human sacrifice centers within their city limits to rise up and say, “NO MORE! We will no longer stand by and allow this bloody holocaust to continue on our turf!”  May they cry out out mightily to God for mercy and seek the clearing away of blood guilt from their border.  Ah, that the public sentiment, public presence, and public pressure would cause the abortion industry in ___________ to shrink away in shame,

and may THAT be why the abortion mills close down, and abortion abolished.

STATE LEADERS: O LORD of Hosts, I pray for state leaders and other lesser magistrates, that have collaborated and compromised with child sacrifice, including those "prolife" leaders who seek to regulate murder, rather than abolish the slaughter within their jurisdiction.  Cause them to remember that they will answer, not only to man, but also to You for their acts as authorities.  Teach them the fear of the LORD.

May they be confronted by the people under them (who will follow the widow's example in continual coming), to execute judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor.  May they repent of their cowardice, complicity, and compromise.  Cause them to cease to do evil and learn to do well. Lord, move them to defend the poor and the fatherless, to do justice to the afflicted and needy.  May legislators put forth bills of total and immediate abolition of abortion.  May lesser magistrates on each level interpose for the innocent, and stand to protect the vulnerable.  Use them to punish the evil doer, and reward the righteous, in essence to do their duty,

and may THAT be why the abortion mills close down, and abortion abolished.

 NATIONAL LEADERS: O King of kings, Ruler of nations, I pray for those who lead this country, from judges to the legislature, to the president, that You would turn their hearts as the rivers of water.  That they would see that they have framed mischief by a law, and permitted, funded, and promoted the murder of millions of their own citizens (over a million each year), indeed, the most vulnerable of our society.  That they would be put in fear, and know themselves to be but men.  That they would cry to You for mercy and turn their hearts to Jesus Christ, and our nation’s policies, laws, and positions to TRUE justice for all.  May these United States rise, denounce this bloody industry for the holocaust that it is, and utterly abolish human abortion,

and may THAT be why the abortion mills close down, and abortion abolished.

May this be useful to aid and arm the prayers of my brothers and sisters.

Keep in mind...

Many will say that we need to pray over the evil of abortion, and prayer IS vital.  
However, let us NOT simply PRAY, when God has commanded us to OBEY.

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