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Friday, January 13, 2012

Three Reasons Why Evolutionists Believe in Evolution...

Why do so many people, including scientists, believe in the religion of Evolutionism?  I believe there are at least three reasons why this is so:

1. They are taught it from childhood and then indoctrinated to look at all evidence from the perspective of evolution.  They trusted their teachers (many of whom trusted their teachers) and were brought up to see the evidence through those lens.  They are only given one interpretation and the opposing view is not provided—by and large it is kept from them.

Here is an honest admission by a physicist who indicates the passionate commitment of established scientists to naturalism.  Speaking of the trust students naturally place in their highly educated college professors, he says:
"And I use that trust to effectively brainwash them...Our teaching methods are primarily those of propaganda.  We appeal--without demonstration--to evidence that supports our position.  We only introduce arguments and evidence that supports the currently accepted theories and omit or gloss over any evidence to the contrary."
  Mark Singham, physicist and evolutionist "Teaching and Propaganda," Physics Today (vol. 53, June 2000), pg. 54

2. They want to keep their job and so there is a lot of pressure to "keep the faith."  If a scientist comes to even doubt evolutionism,and makes it known, he is in danger of losing his jobs, tenure, grant funding, etc., and being laughed to scorn by colleagues and the media.  Not an enviable position.


"But goo-to-you evolution in general, not just the dino-to-bird theory, has become a dogma. Most scientists believe in evolution not because of the evidence, but because most scientists believe it. I.e. the oft-touted consensus on evolution was reached by counting heads that themselves came to this consensus by counting heads. And when asked to provide evidence, many cannot make a good case—e.g. Feduccia’s best “proof” of evolution was not in his field of ornithology, but corn turning into corn!"

3. They believe the theory because they choose to do so.  If evolution is true then there is no God to answer to—and you can live how you want.  Alduous Huxley, said that the reason why so many lept at the thought of evolution was because it made them feel free to engage in sexual immorality and perversion of his design, without the fear of God.  (God told us there would be such people—Psalm 14:1-3; John 3:19-29; Romans 1:19-32; II Peter 3:37; Jude 14-19).  

These people cannot find God for the same reason that a criminal cannot find a policeman!  They do not want to find Him.  But God is true, even if the whole world chooses to not believe in Him.  And He will judge sin.  All will stand before their Creator.  

If someone desires to live without accountability and not have to worry about the coming judgment they can always adopt a "rescue device" in order to keep their worldview.  If I wanted to believe you came from Mars, then it doesn't matter what evidence you provide, I can always interpret it and make excuses to keep my belief, no matter how silly it is.

But there are actually a lot of practicing scientists dissenting from Darwinism and Evolutionism, and there are many who believe in Creation and the Bible.

I highly recommend the book "The Ultimate Proof of Creation."  It logically and reasonably shows the worldviews of both sides and then demonstrates how the biblical worldview is the only correct and consistent worldview.  


  1. Interesting post. On another topic, I was surprised to see a photo of a Catholic Rosary on your blog. (7th photo down on right, under "Blog Archive" section.) How refreshing find a discerning writer who recognizes the value in praying the Rosary, which is full of Scripture and meditations on the life of our Lord. I'll be sure to recommend your site on our Catholic blogroll. The peace of Christ to you!

  2. Evan,
    Thank your for your comment. By the way, the photo you referred to is not of a rosary. Instead, it is a ring and chain, a witnessing tool I use as an object lesson in evangelism.

    Psalm 119:160

  3. Kevan, I wanted to thank you for writing in to because we all get to read the reply! Thanks!

    -Bob Enyart
    Co-host, Denver's radio

    1. Brother Bob,
      Thanks for your comment. I am glad that it was able to be shared with others. I am curious at subject did you see,for which I contacted them for?
      I looked on the Real Science Friday site, and am thrilled to know about it! May the Lord bless your ministry!

      Psalm 119:160